Hooray for Germans! (no, I'm not dead)

Hello, I’m mostly just posting to point out that I’m not actually dead, I’m just going through a symptom known as “finals.” This involves finishing a film, an entire web site, two essays, a history test and two self-portraits by the 15th.

That being said, I do realize that I went the whole month of November without publishing a single vodcast and I feel crummy about that. I have a vodcast or two I would like to do before I’m done for the semester, it’s just a question of whether I’ll be able to take the time to shoot, edit and publish them. Plus, I’m still working on disc 2 of the Wholesale Souls DVD because I really want to be done with it.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a little thing I found looking through the freewrites I’ve done for my Writing for the Arts class this semester. I have a general rule that if I write something that can make me laugh out loud two months later, I must disseminate it to the public somehow. This little thing isn’t exactly worthy of being in a script, so here, in its unaltered form, is a paragraph I wrote analyzing a Volkswagen ad from 1970:

“Volkswagen is a reliable brand because they are so self-critical. They are also more reliable because they are German and use foreign words like funktionsprüfstand in their ads. Never mind the Holocaust; German engineering is where it’s at!”

Just thought you’d enjoy that.

A shout out to all my peeps (and other bird noises) in Fort Collins, and happy birthday, Arin! You milk that goat! Milk it good!

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