I have the next viral video hit

Ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time in the lives of a lucky few, when they realize that they have in their possession a remarkable creation which will unite humanity. Gutenberg had the printing press. The Wright brothers had the airplane. And now, my friends, I have the single best film outtake ever recorded. And so without further ado, here it is (keeping in mind that donations can be made by clicking the link on the right side of the front page):

Doggie bumps his head

If that doesn’t work, try this lower-quality version:

Doggie bumps his head (MP4)

You’re welcome.

8 thoughts on “I have the next viral video hit

  1. Sigh. As my brother says (a senior network engineer at Front Range Internet Inc.), “I hate the internet”

    But man that was frickin hilarious! Did you post this because of the actual viral floating around of a dog running into a brick thing?

  2. I didn’t know that such a thing even existed. I assure you that this was not only unplanned, but also rather hard on Vvinni’s neck.

    Jen was inside when it happened. She said it sounded like somebody had run a car into her trailer.

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