In which I start panhandling

Well, I’ve threatened to do it before, and now I’ve finally gotten around to putting up a button asking for donations. You can see it now at the top of the sidebar, under the link to the new Exploding Forums. If that’s too much of a trip for your cursor to make, you can also make a donation by clicking here.

The process is fairly painless, and you don’t need a PayPal account to donate.

Here’s why I’m asking for donations:

As recent events have shown, EXGfilms has outgrown the sort of service that our current web host can provide, and I’ve made the decision that it’s time to move elsewhere. The problem? Parcom, our current host, has just about the cheapest rates you can find anywhere, about $30 per year for hosting and a domain name. I’ve found a couple good-looking alternative hosting plans, but they’re all in the range of about $7 per month. This may not seem like a lot, but let me remind you that I’m a film student.

So here’s the deal: my first goal is to raise $100 to cover the cost of the first year of hosting with a new provider, and then I will take the plunge and switch.

What you’ll get out of improved hosting:

Most importantly: improved stability. I’m sure you’ve seen those WordPress errors occasionally when trying to get to this site; this is an issue with our current host’s servers and would disappear entirely if we migrated to another service. All in all, it’ll be easier for you to get here.

Your own e-mail address the hosting plans I look at come with an unlimited number of POP3 e-mail addresses. Knocks the socks off Gmail. With a new host, simply ask and ye shall receive.

More reliable vodcasts: is great, but their servers are slow. With an improved hosting plan I’d have plenty of room to host all the vodcasts locally, meaning faster and more reliable downloads.

More media content: One of the things our current host has trouble with is dealing with media file types. I’ve got plenty of video and audio clips I’d love to upload for you all to enjoy, but haven’t been able to. Add to that enough server space to store them, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

larger web presence: Remember It’s a HUGE traffic generator for this site. Our current hosting plan limits us to two domain names per account. A new host would let us have, well, a host of domains and project-specific sub-sites.

A sonnet. Yes, you read that right. Anyone donating at the preferred level of $10 or more will be personally thanked on the vodcast and I will write you a Shakespearean sonnet. What more incentive do you need?

Again, as soon as I raise enough money for a year of hosting (approximately $100), you will get all this and more! Please donate today!

…pretty please?

20 thoughts on “In which I start panhandling

  1. In the event that more than two people donate ten dollars or more, I am hereby volunteering to write a Shakespearean Sonnet, or at least a Shakespearean Limerick, so you don’t have to. With all the other stuff you’re doing, I don’t want you to get too bogged down with other shit that prevents you from churning out iambic imitiations on a timely basis.

    Also, $7/month is $84/year, not $100. But I’ll let it slide this once, because you’re an art student.

  2. $7/month only covers one domain. We’ve currently got two. Also, PayPal charges a per-payment fee that takes the edge off donations.

    So yes, I need to raise $100 in donations by January.

  3. Hmm, not too bad. I may donate when I have money! Or hit my brother up for it should he be pleased by Wholesale Souls (assuming it is released by the December 1st-January 1st window I have to work with.) I could turn on the good, old PBS style guilt.

  4. I’d actually like a patch or sticker or something. Personally I’d feel like a bad-ass with an EXGFilms logo on the back of a hoodie or something, and my mind went immediately to a patch. But just a hoodie or something would rock.

  5. I have an idea for a patch design.

    ‘A puddle of recently-exploded goldfish, arranged just so with certain anatomical structures including a tail and an eye still discernable with the ExG logo sitting in the center of the catastrophe. The tail is positioned as if it were exempt from the kaboom, and has just fallen over, and the eye is pointing up, looking at the word ‘Films’.’

    Black hoodie. A black hoodie would be neat.

  6. OK, the product line has been updated! The Exploding Store, in addition to the Exploding Tote Bag, now also features an Exploding Mousepad, an Exploding Hat, and an Exploding Sticker. I’m working on more products (CafePress doesn’t offer patches, and the only hoodies it offers are white and light gray, so I’m working on a suitably striking design for a light background), and if you have any requests or ideas, let me know.

    The prices are rather outrageous, so let me explain: These products are, in general, priced so as to give me a sum of $15 per purchase. When you buy, for example, an Exploding Hat, you pay $28 and CafePress gives me $15, which I then put towards the, well, let’s just come right out and say it: fund drive. This is the PBS model. You aren’t buying products; you are giving me money and in return I give you a disproportionately worthless gift.

    Of course, if you want to support EXGfilms WITHOUT buying worthless crap, you can always donate directly.

  7. Bad news, Greg. God is not happy with his portrayal in the film (as, in his words, “a buffoon”).

    Long story short, He isn’t taking our calls anymore. Luckily, He only created the universe and therefore holds little sway in the movie business.

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