In Wyoming for USFG

Wyoming crew

Hey everyone! I’m in Wyoming for two days to shoot for Untitled Search for God, and we just shot thirty-two pages on one day! That is, in the words of people more experienced than I, “impossible.”

I’m out in the middle of nowhere, and guess what? Wireless internet!

More information forthcoming, as we have a very busy schedule tomorrow. For the time being, enjoy the two photos attached to this post.


21 thoughts on “In Wyoming for USFG

  1. Hey, I’m missing a slipper from this trip. Could everyone please peruse their belongings for a slipper with a rubber tread on the bottom that resembles an oak tree and a hunter green zig-zag pattern?

    I like that slipper.

  2. Hey, I’m missing a red communist star from this trip. I kid you not. It goes on my belt buckle.

    So if anyone finds this little red star with a golden inlaid hammer and sickle, lemme know. It’s mine. Keep on the alert. It came from eastern Berlin.

    I like that belt.

  3. I now call to order the first caucus of the Glorious Revival of the Exploded Goldfish. We will purge those vermin with their leathery wings from our sight, making a haven of the cosmic goldfish bowl for all things wet, fishy, and volatile. Praise be to fish.

    First ordre of business, let’s appoint some premiers to give divine ordres and otherwise expedite the Glorious Revival. I nominate myself.

    Anyone else? No?

    All right, then. I hereby name myself First Prophet of the Bug-Eyed Floaty Things. Praise be to fish.

  4. I do not ever recall us saying that we were the bubbly-eyed goldfish. I object! We are closer to koi! Evan is obviously trying to lead us down the path to doom and destruction. JOIN ME, WE SHALL BE THE KOI OF THE EXPLODING GOLDFISH WORLD!

  5. FIE! FIE I SAY!

    VinEE’s koi are wishful illusions created by the proletariat to stem their own despair! Koi are nothing but man’s mind self-medicated!

    Join me, my bubbly brothers, and we will stomp and smash and splash and thwomp and dispel VinEE and his ilk. Join me, and we will be Victorious!

    Yay, Victory! You can even smell it underwater!

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