(Killing time) Coldplay music videos

A while ago I did a post about Classy music videos, ‘member? Well, I’ve got a couple additions to the list that I’d like to share with you.

Coldplay, Yellow (2000); James & Alex

This is a music video in a single continuous take. Let me say that again: this is a music video… in a single continuous take. How cool is THAT? I mean, most music videos look like they were attacked with a razor blade, with cut after cut after cut after cut. Furthermore, it’s just Chris Martin walking along the beach and lip-syncing in slow motion. Furthermore, the song is called Yellow, but the entire video up to the very end has a heavy blue cast. And it’s enthralling. One of my new favorites. It’s all in Martin’s performance: the way he rubs his face with his hand, the way he falls back and runs to catch up.

Incidentally, the only reason this video is so good is because the original plans, which called for the entire band, a bright sunny day, sweeping visuals and computer-generated star trails, fell apart due to scheduling complications and inclement weather, and so they just went out and shot the thing with Chris Martin and a camera. It looks like they probably didn’t even light it.

Next, I’ve got two television ads for you *GASP* that I think are just gorgeous music videos. They are—you guessed it—some of those way cool iTunes commercials.

First, continuing the Coldplay theme, here’s a recent Apple-produced 30-second spot showcasing Viva La Vida: Sonic

I only wish it was a full-length music video instead of a half-minute commercial. Absolutely mesmerizing.

And here’s an older iTunes ad featuring Paul Mccartney: Dance Around (direct Quicktime Link). Charming in its own way, very light and happy (plus flying houses, which I quite frankly don’t see enough of)

The iPod + iTunes ads have done something that I find really remarkable. They’ve established an aesthetic (think back to those early iPod silhouette ads), and grown that aesthetic, and now every ad they produce, from Bob Dylan to Eminem to Wynton Marsalis, is unique and visually rich and in keeping with the sensibilities of the music, while at the same time remaining true to the brand. I guess that’s why the Apple marketing people get paid the big bucks.

That’s enough rambling from me. Back to work. 16 Heads and Counting isn’t going to edit itself, and I’m associate producer for Vvinni’s upcoming film, and I’m trying to write a script, and… and… I think maybe I’ll just waste a little more time on YouTube.

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