Leo is dead.

11 thoughts on “Leo is dead.

  1. Someone is a very bad mimicker of myself. They forgot my website and my very misanthropic tendencies when they made that previous post in my name. Not to mention giving the wrong email address. For shame.

    I actually say go for it! Escape this prison they call life and ascend to the next plain… or eternal nothingness, whichever it is. Toodles!

    (I renamed the fraudulent me as Mr. Fraudfraud)

  2. Woah woah woah. Why wasn’t I informed of this? I happen to have been going about like I’ve bee alive for a good while now. Gosh. NExt time an e-mail or memo would be like, now I’m going to go find my cold hard sweet grave. Good bye, and I’ll probably be back to possess your computers, coat racks, and refridgerators.

  3. I have not fucking been fucking impostering other fucking posters. My internet has been disabled for the past week, anyway.

    Someone else must like Parker enough to want to be him. Go find another scapegoat, you putz.


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