Let's give a big exploding welcome to: PARKER!


I’d like to introduce to all three of my readers a new contributor to the Exploding Blog. Parker has been my go-to guy for Wholesale Souls in any number of different ways. He started out as a simple (and, if I may say so, simplistic) actor, portraying the role of Samuel the hacker. Soon he had a niche as the primary sound recordist, and has since helped me a great deal as an assistant editor, even editing several scenes all by himself (and learning Final Cut at record speed, might I add).

Now, as I am finishing up Wholesale Souls, Parker is getting to work on a project of his own, an adaptation of Dante’s Divine Comedy, which I will be executive producing and possibly co-directing, depending on how the production schedule works out. I’ve been throwing ideas around with him for quite some time now and I’m very excited about what the movie could be. So, in order to help coerce him into finishing the script, I have invited him on as exploding filmmaker #2, to share with us his experiences in getting his movie made. The plan is that, starting on Wednesday, Parker will be providing us all with twice-weekly updates, starting first with his attempt to finish the script, and damn soon (you hear me, Parker?!), and then eventually (hopefully) moving on into the realm of preproduction and beyond.

Welcome aboard, Parker! I hope you make this little corner of the internet a little less boring!

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