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16 Heads and Counting, Feature Film Shot in Fort Collins, to Show Publicly for First Time

FORT COLLINS – The burgeoning film community of northern Colorado will be in evidence this August when 16 Heads and Counting, a new feature film shot on location in Colorado and Wyoming with Colorado actors and crew, makes its public debut at the Lyric Cinema Café on Mountain Avenue, with screenings Monday, August 11th and Tuesday, August 12th at 7:00 P.M.

The film, produced last summer under the working title Untitled Search for God, was directed by Poudre High School graduate Andrew Gingerich. Shooting for the two-hour film was completed in only three weeks. “It was a marathon, to be sure,” said Gingerich. “We were all working nonstop.” Post-production on the film will be completed in time for the August screening.

The movie was written and produced by award-winning screenwriter Ethan Holbrook, also a Poudre High School graduate. “It’s very rewarding to see something that’s been such a big part of my life for the past year and a half finally reach an audience,” he said.

16 Heads and Counting stars CSU student Sean Cummings as John Porter, a man who is shocked to discover that his new girlfriend, Fran (Rosalie Robinson, also a CSU student) has been killing people and keeping their heads in the trunk of her car. Also featured are Richard Ney as Antony, a small-time mobster, and Vincent Gagnepain as a mysterious man in a dog suit who considers himself an instrument of God.

Locations featured in the film include the Lyric Cinema Café and Rocky Mountain Shooters’ Supply. “The Fort Collins community has been incredibly accommodating and helpful to us every step of the way,” said Gingerich. “We got to shoot in locations and work with people we never thought possible, and I am thrilled to show this film to all those who helped this project reach its full potential.”

Exploding Goldfish Films was founded in 2003 by Andrew Gingerich and has produced one other feature film, Wholesale Souls, Inc. (2006) and countless short films, including Don’s Impossible Adventure Starring Salad Spinner Haiku, which was honored with the audience award for best student film at the TriMedia International Film Festival in 2007.

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For more information about 16 Heads and Counting or to schedule interviews with cast or crew, call Andrew Gingerich at (970) 219-0217 or e-mail andrew@exgfilms.com. Biographies and an electronic press kit are available online at www.16heads.com.

2 thoughts on “Local Film to Show at Lyric

  1. Oooo… it’s all… officiallistic and whatnot.

    “…featured are Richard Ney as Antony, a small-time mobster, and Vincent Gagnepain as a mysterious man…”

    When I first read this I thought a small-time mobster was playing a part in the movie. Then I wondered who such a person would be. Then I pointed my finger directly at Andrew. Oh yes. I know your secrets, Andrew Gingerich… or should I say, GUIDO BALDUCCI?!

  2. Well, Greg, there’s no way you could actually know about that, so I’m going to say you’re making it up.

    Just… think carefully before you make a joke like that again, yeah?

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