Minneapolis 24-hour Film Race… complete.

That’s right. Once more the crazies of EXGfilms decided to participate in a 24-hour filmmaking festival.

Incredibly depressed by not being able to be in the Boulder Shoot-Out again, I, Parker Cagle-Smith set off in search of something else to do. I ran, I hid, I sought, I kilt, I slept, I laughed, I loved, and then I sought some more. In my search I came across the Film Racing Grand Prix, a contest that is extremely similar to the shoot-out, and just a bit easier (hehe). It started on April 4th at 10pm and concluded April 5th at 10pm. This contest followed these rules:

  1. Film must be conceived of , written, shot and edited within 24 hours.
  2. Film can be at most 3 minutes and 30 seconds with a max. of 30 seconds of credits
  3. Film must be based around the main them sent to all teams at kickoff, and must incorporate the included surprise element (knocking on a door, a bottle of aspirin, etc.)

So! No editing in camera, which I was a trifle disappointed in (cause that is some ridiculous stuff there), but the post-production was a bit essential to a few of the shots in this film so I suppose I’ll have to give it that. There was not as much insanity and running about and general intensity as was in the Shoot-out which was also disappointing, but we got an AWESOME film out of the calmness, and we wrapped production something like 5 hours ahead of schedule, which is a bit insane so I guess whatever. Lastly, there was a serious lack of Vvinni in this 24 hour production, which was very sad for me, but we did fill the void of his presence with some great people! Here’s a list, cause those are easy and highly comprehensible:

  • Andrew Gingerich – Acting Director
  • Ethan Holbrook – Technical Director
  • Bobby Anderson – Actor and super-cool guy
  • Michael Burns – Actor and a crazily committed one
  • Matt Kane – Gaffer/Editor/Key Grip/Kill bot
  • Ella Schreck – Production Assistant and cynical commentary extraordinaire
  • Me – Producer and Cinematographer

It was a blast to work with everyone on this film, and I look forward very much to working with them all again! Michael did a fantastic job, a fantastic job, and Bobby was great too! Certainly couldn’t have done this without Bobby…

This was also a first for me, as we actually produced a drama for this contest. Yep, that’s right. No laughs, no chuckles, no hees, no haws, just straight up draaama. Very… depressing drama… sigh. It’s really good. No kidding, I’m not just saying that because I worked on it. Makes me all sad and stuff.

“What’s it about?” you ask? You’ll just have to wait to watch it! It’s called 11:32 PM, and I’m sure that it’ll be up on Exploding Shorts sometime in the near future. After all those other ones… are uploaded…

Anyhoo! It was fun and we’ll keep everyone posted on how it does.

There will be a screening of all of the entrants that followed all the rules and got their films done and in on time this Thursday, April 10th at the Oak Street Cinema in Minneapolis at 7:00pm and 9:00pm. Come come come and see it! I know I will be.


15 thoughts on “Minneapolis 24-hour Film Race… complete.

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    The sofa is on fire.

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    The sofa is no longer on fire.

  3. That’s because I took the fire out from under the sofa and put it on top of the refrigerator.

    The refrigerator is under fire. Casualties reported. The hospital needs more plasma. I’m all out of sandwiches.

  4. A Yea i just thought you guys should know i watched the video about 35 times now. I know i haven’t known you guys for long, but i just want you to know i would make sweet sweet love to all of you, at any moment, at the same time if you prefer. Nice fucking job guys i hope we can get some people to get there on Thursday. I already have three people going.

  5. Minneapolis film team won the national competition for the 24 Hour Film Race project with are film “Blowing Bubbles” which can be viewed at http://www.filmracing.com. We won 11 out of 16 awards in Minneapolis including “Best Film of Minneapolis” and moved on to the national competition which consisted of all the cities best film’s in the U.S. and came out the winner, nationally with the “Best Film of 2009”. Are crew was called “TEAM X” which consisted of Vaughn Juares as the Ring Master, Bridget McGrath of Fortlesa Film Works, Jack Paar of BusyBoy Productions, Michael Nissen, Jasmine Reed, Dirk Cannon and Joe Schneider as Bubbles the Clown.
    This film festival consisted of short films that had to be fully scripted, shot and edited in a 24 hour period, very tough competition.
    Team X went away with the big prize!!
    Thanks 24 Hour Film Race.

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