More Exploding Shorts

Hear, Speak and See

Today I’ve got a good ‘un for you: Hear, Speak and See, starring Evan Riffe. I’ve also now put up the ultra-short Frozen Exploding Goldfish, starring Sir Vincent Gagnepain. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “More Exploding Shorts

  1. Evan, it was the footage from the SECOND shoot that has been either misplaced or destroyed. THIS is an award-winning film. Why on earth would I destroy it?

    Greg: I can’t recall exactly, but I believe I put in one intentionally wrong line just to catch people like you.

    The mathematics used are sometimes a bit abstruse, so if you post those lines I can perhaps enlighten you as to their meaning.

  2. “We have ten fingers, which means we can poke five times as much as we say or smell, and ten times as much as we see or hear”
    I think those numbers should be reversed.

    “Athletes should take note that we can only run exactly as much as we can lift, which is half of what we can smell, or one fifth as much as we can squeeze”
    Can’t we lift twice what we can smell, given we have two arms and one nose? The squeeze part is confusing. If we’re talking hands here, we can squeeze exactly what we can lift. But I guess you were talking about pairs of fingers here.

    Not that I’m criticizing the flick, because I love it! Just pointing out is all.

  3. Greg, you make some good points. That first one is a mistake. You’re right, those numbers should be reversed.

    I believe there was a rationale behind the second one. Let me see if I can remember it…

    …OK. The running half as much as we smell should actually be twice as much as we smell. But one fifth as much as we can squeeze is correct. We have two arms and ten fingers, which reduces to 1/5.

  4. If I remember correctly, Andrew, you once mentioned that the bad math was intentional.

    Although the entire basis of the sketch is absurdist, it was meant to be inconprehensible to those individuals who paid attention.

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