Movies my mother and I enjoy watching

My latest review mentions the topic of films my mother and I can not only tolerate, but enjoy watching together. This has always been a difficulty for us and my mother is always recommending to me movies that she didn’t like but she thinks I might.

Anyway, there are a choice few films that we have happily watched together. Here is a quick selection:

  • Pieces of April – We actually saw this in a little art house theater in Denver and my mom was surprised that she liked it so much. She liked it so much, in fact, that she bought the DVD. I believe my grandmother has since seen and liked this movie as well.
  • Whale Rider – This is one that I didn’t expect to like. Turns out that not only is the story rich with Maori culture, it’s also a good story.
  • Thumbsucker – I have a thing for first-time directors. This is a light story with heart, plus it’s got really good performances from Vincent D’Onofrio and Keanu Reeves. What more can you ask?
  • Around the Bend – Another movie from a first-time director. One of the things Mom and I agree on: Christopher Walken is awesome. Especially in a movie as funny as this one.
  • The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou – Really, anything by Wes Anderson. Great characters, and smart without being mean.
  • Happy Accidents – Latest addition to the list. See my review for more.
  • Wholesale Souls, Inc. But that’s a given.

Strangely enough, we agree on what we feel is the most awful movie ever made: Russian Ark. Gimmicky and boring beyond belief!

I’m not quite sure what this list means, but if you ever have need for a movie with wide audience appeal you can probably find a good one on this list. Just please, for the love of God, don’t watch Russian Ark!

5 thoughts on “Movies my mother and I enjoy watching

  1. Ya know, none of those alleged blue links for the movies go anywhere. Come to think of it, nothing blue goes anywhere. I have a thing against fake links.

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