Moving Portraits

Just thought I’d share a sort vaguely of film-related tidbit: I decided that for my final project in photography class this semester I was going to take a series of portraits using my new Krasnogorsk K-3 16mm motion picture camera and enlarge them (the theory being that if I shoot 30 seconds of a person at 24 frames per second, that gives me 720 individual frames and a chance to choose between minute differences in pose and facial expression). Since I was going to be back in Colorado over Thanksgiving, I chose as my subject matter actors who I have directed in the past, as I felt this brings in an interesting and direct connection to the non-traditional process and medium being used.

My Krasnogorsk (pronounced “Krag-Norsky”) K-3

So I shot 200 feet of 7222 (Double-X) black-and-white negative film and sent it off to Maryland to have it processed and transferred to tape (I needed the tape since it would be incredibly impractical to make contact sheets for 8,000 frames of film).

Then, when I got the film back from the lab yesterday I went into the editing room here at MCAD and loaded it on the old Moviola flatbed editing table (or rather pleaded for help from the other advanced film majors in the room until one of them loaded it for me) and ran through the whole reel, snipping out the bits that I thought would make good prints). It was my first time using such a thing and I was terrified of it, but I eventually sort of got the hang of it, despite the general consensus that it was sort of broken and not doing quite what it was supposed to (placed as it is directly next to a Mac Pro digital edit station with a 50-inch plasma screen, the Moviola here sees very little use).

I fiddle with the Moviola

Anyway, I thought I’d post the transfer video file here for people to watch since some of those who are regular readers were photographed, and besides it’s just kinda cool (and the first film I’d ever shot with the K-3, which performed marvelously). It starts out with some stuff I shot outdoors at MCAD including a couple people out walking their dogs, but moves quickly onto my makeshift sweep in Colorado:

Click here to watch the transfer.

8 thoughts on “Moving Portraits

  1. Greg Ley?! Wow, I can’t remember the first time I saw you in the physical realm. Golly. Nicely done, Andrew. I enjoyed the High key lighting used, as it symbolised the moral dilemna present in the youth culture of nowadays. Also, speaking of Colorado: I’M GOING TO BE HOME ON FRIDAY! NOONTIME! YAY! HAPPY!

  2. Uhh… Vvinni? That’s not high-key lighting. Yeah, it’s actually pretty darn low key. Metered at like a 4:1 ratio, and in my book anything narrower than 8:1 is NOT high-key. Yeah, that’s right, I’m in a lighting class. Wanna tango, bitch?

    (ALL IN UNISON: “You just got gaffer-served!”)


  3. Speaking of Colorado: SCREW YOU ASSHOLES! I’ll be home on the freaking 20th.

    Also, Andrew may be in a lighting class, but I witnessed my master electrician for my light design get shocked by both 120V and 220V, plus sustain some pretty serious burns in numerous other occasions. So there.

    Anyone wanna know the joke I’m telling in mine?

  4. Truly, Kragnorsky is a paragon of excellence in film.
    Good to know I look insane with my hair like that, I’m sure that will come in handy.
    And if you wanted to know, I’m holding a slice of pizza for most of that.

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