New Year's Day…and nothing's new

You know that nothing in your life has changed when your writing a script for a film, you look up at your clock, it says “12:03 AM 01/01/07,” and you realize that you made no resolution, or even noticed when the new year started. You say something along the lines of “Oh! Look! It’s the New Year…oh well.” and you continue to work on your script. This moment proves that your apathy towards normal life will, in fact, help you in a career in films.

10 thoughts on “New Year's Day…and nothing's new

  1. He means that I’m not going to major in film, I’m going to go make video games for a living. But the apathy will help there too…


  2. I realized I hate New Years Eve. It is the celebration of nothing that doesn’t happen every day. Except that jackasses get together and realize they have nothing to celebrate so they do something mundane or get drunk.

    I realized this while watching relatively definitive proof that Dick Clark is still alive.

  3. Why do you hate me so much?

    I only left one duck in your locker to decompose over winter break. Why can’t you think of it as a welcome-back beverage?

  4. Evan I don’t hate you, I just dislike you with such an extreme passion that it can be precieved as hate. And I dislike you because you’re an idiot. Also, I doubt that you even know where my locker is.

  5. What does your locker have to do with anything?

    …Wait. Does this have something to do with Julie? Because I haven’t seen her for more than a month.

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