October: a month for works in progress

First off, I sent out the negative for Out the Window today. Movielab in Maryland will be handling the processing. I’ve worked with them before and have great confidence in them, but still… it’s always a little scary sending out something so fragile. One bit of clumsy handling and there goes weeks of work and hundreds of dollars in film stock (needless to say, I wrote “DO NOT X-RAY” in giant letters all over the box). I found this little prayer on my film professor’s blog, and thought it was worth including here:

Everybody hope for the best, please.  Bless this negative as it travels FedEx to Maryland so that it is not wounded, x-rayed, or dropped.

Everybody put out a big giant hug around the negative, and protect it on its way.

It’ll probably be about a week or to until I get the film back (I’m a cheapskate, and MCAD doesn’t cover shipping costs for us anymore), but don’t expect to see any footage for quite a while after that; MovieLab is only doing the process/prep, then I have to evaluate my budgetary options and decide where I’ll be taking it for a transfer.

More work in progress: here are some highlights from my interview on limerence with Dr. Brenda Schaeffer, author of Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

Brenda Schaeffer discusses limerence from Andrew Gingerich on Vimeo.

I’m still looking for people who have been directly affected by limerence in their own lives. Please let me know if you have experienced anything like this, even if you’re not interested in being interviewed for the film. I want to know what you think.

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