Maybe a little obvious at this point, but TERMINAL PHILOSOPY IS ACTUALLY BEING MADE!!! I’S SO EXCITED!!!

We’re making progress on this movie and to be perfectly frank, that surprises me. But my disbelief notwithstanding, we now have a set of our very own, we’ve got gobs of material shot and we’re shooting more today, and IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE TO FINISH ON TIME. How crazy is THAT?!

I promise a kickass vodcast soon, as well as a page about Terminal Philosophy and possibly some pictures/video clips. But right now I have to go paint the floor of the set and get ready to shoot the Satan scene.

6 thoughts on “OMG MOVIE HAPPENING!!!

  1. I was very pleased to see Satan. She plays it in a manner I hadn’t veiwed it in, but I think her’s is a better version. I look forward to seeing whatever you show me.
    I am also sorry that I made the Boatman seem to enjoy his job. I feel this shouldn’t be the case.

  2. It was a pleasure working with eveyone yesterday. I really liked the organic aspect of filming hell in something approaching 130 degrees. It made it much easier for me to be tired, bored, and increasingly drunk. I mean portray those things, of course!

    I full expect you guys to go far, and someday when one of your films sweeps the Sundance, or some other really great indie film festival, I’ll be able to say I was in one of your early works.

    And I am working through it as a life lesson that I strike Parker as abrasive. Good to know.

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