OPEN CASTING CALL: Untitled Search For God

The second round of auditions for Untitled Search for God will be taking place in the Poudre High School auditorium from 3:30 to 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday, May 30.

Auditions will consist of some cold reading and a short interview. Please bring a head shot and résumé if you have such available. Untitled Search for God is a story of confused paranoia. John, a victim of unusual circumstances, suspects his girlfriend, Fran, of murder, however she claims to only kill vampires. John’s friend Richy is on the run from the mob, and they’re all being chased by an anthropomorphized dog, following orders from a disembodied voice in the woods. From the brilliant script by Ethan Holbrook, this film is an unconventional love story, a theological treatise, a quiet drama and an explosive action film all rolled into one.

These are the major characters we are casting (actors are needed on a volunteer basis and will be working for screen credit and a DVD of the finished product):

John: Weak male lead. 20’s, just wants a quiet, normal life. Tends to be rather alarmist and gets tremendously upset over little things like finding a severed head on the kitchen table.

Fran: Strong female lead. 20’s, met John a few days before the point where the film takes up, and thinks she might be falling in love with him. She also kills and dismembers people with a big knife–or they might be vampires. She’s either a psychotic murderer, or she’s the only one who’s sane. Depends on how you look at it.

Richy: Shady accountant for the mob, and John’s friend. He is an incredibly timid, fearful individual, and now the mob knows that he was embezzling and is coming to kill him.

Antony: Mob boss. Quiet, vengeful, dangerous. He would like very much to kill Richy, but first he has to find him.

Those are the key roles. There are also several other smaller speaking roles that we are looking to fill:

Gus and Reggie: Antony’s goons. Faithful, and more sensitive than they might at first appear.

Elder John: Not related to the John mentioned above. Just an older gentleman who suffers repeated and inexplicable break-ins in which nothing is stolen and in one case, the culprit makes him breakfast.

Thomas: Where Antony goes when he needs answers. Thomas is an unusual man who lives in his garage and can find anyone given just a standard-issue phone book.

Actors who are cast will need to come to set well-rehearsed, as our shooting schedule is extremely tight (June 18-July 7). Still our sets are relaxed and usually a lot of fun. All are welcome on either day, so please stop by and give it a whirl!

8 thoughts on “OPEN CASTING CALL: Untitled Search For God

  1. Well, we’ve got two more auditions this evening, and we’ll be finalizing our cast list tomorrow. After that, once we hear back from all our actors, we will be posting some information on our lead actors as soon as we hear back from them and can confirm that they’ll actually be available.

    On a side note, I am once again awed and impressed by the caliber of talent that has come in to audition. Ethan remarked to me yesterday that he wished he had written more good parts, because we could certainly fill them. A deep and heartfelt thanks to all those who took the time to come in and read for us.

  2. I wasn’t surprised how well Sean and Vynni did in the auditions I saw, but Mikhail was far better than I knew. I saw what he did before and that was plenty good, but I was really impressed by his audition. But yes, pity their aren’t more roles, but more movies will likely come up in the near future.

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