Our Town

I just got back from Poudre’s production of Our Town and I must say I’m impressed. It may just be because so many of the people involved in Wholesale Souls are in either the cast or crew of the play, but I have trouble seeing any flaws.

To be fair to all the other plays that Poudre has put on, I haven’t been to a PHS production since Annie Get Your Gun. Mostly because I have a very low tolerance for musicals and generic period pieces. So I don’t know whether or not this quality is typical of a Poudre production. But still, the lighting was beautiful and perfectly-timed, the rake looked quite solid and I think it helped the overall feel a great deal (although I wouldn’t have wanted to be up on one of those ladders). And I’m not being at all in-genuine when I say, Vynni (Vvinni? Vinny? Vivian? How the hell DO you spell your name?), that was absolutely AMAZING. The choir director could have been such a throw-away character, but your performance was astounding. Your comedic moments directing the choir were certainly good, but you really added some dramatic depth to that character that could have so easily been overlooked (the way you were hunched over and turned away during the wedding–that is subtle blocking at its absolute BEST). I am now more sorry than ever that I didn’t have a bigger role for you in my film. Maybe if I have time we can go back and shoot a couple shorts or something starring Elephant.

And now to flatter my soon-to-be AE: You mentioned a mistake in the sound, but I didn’t notice any. And the sound effects WERE quite impressive. The milk bottles were a real coup, considering that there were no ACTUAL milk bottles on stage, yet I could still envision exactly how they were moving.

And Arin, (cue the dramatic violin music) I don’t care what anyone thinks, you’ll ALWAYS be my George. And DAMN them if they can’t see that! (Anyway, overall good job throwing those imaginary newspapers, but one hit me in the head).

Oh, the suspension of disbelief is a wonderful thing. Too bad we can’t get away with as much on film anymore, since cinema vérité has come and gone.

And now, Parker, any and all times that you are free–mornings, afternoons, late nights, weekends, ANYTHING–I desperately need your help.

3 thoughts on “Our Town

  1. DAMN, you have an enormous ego.

    *Sigh* I’m sure you did a wonderful job, whatever the hell it was. I’m assuming it was important because your name is printed in big letters in the program.

    I just thought we were all too mature for this sort of thing, is all. I guess we’re not.

    But you do get points for not ignoring me at intermission.

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