Out the Window: Hello World!

I just got my transfers back from Cinelicious today, and man are they ever gorgeous! Take a look at these two shots:

Out the Window: Hello World from Andrew Gingerich on Vimeo.

Of course, now I have to sync all this stuff, which is kind of a problem because we decided not to slate in order to save film. Kinda stupid, but we probably saved about 20 feet of stock. Anyway, it makes it a bit of an ordeal to get all the sound in sync with the picture. *WEEKEND PROJECT #1*

5 thoughts on “Out the Window: Hello World!

  1. Yes I did.

    In fact, as you may notice, I was actually in character back there as the pathetic, lonely diner. You may notice that I occasionally glance up longingly at Val and his family as if to say, “I wish I had a family.”

    • Hello, um… “boston limos.” I think you’re probably a spambot, but you have a surprisingly germane question so I’ll let it slide.

      These were takes from a short called “Out The Window.” Our cinematographer was the not-so-late but oh-so-great Matt Kane, who shot the film in standard 16mm (primarily Vision1 500T) on an Arri SR. Movielab in Maryland did our processing. The transfer was a common-centerline HD telecine by Cinelicious in California. And yes, we knew from the get-go that we would be letterboxing the negative and composed everything with that in mind—no mean feat, as our ground glass had no letterbox framing indicators!

      Let me tell you something: I’ve never met Jonathan Goldfisher, I have no real idea who Jonathan Goldfisher is other than that he’s worked camera department on some episodes of CSI, but Matt Kane is WAY cooler than Jonathan Goldfisher, and what’s more he could probably take him in a fight. SO THERE.

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