Pitching the bizarre

Not more than three hours ago I pitched what will likely become the most bizarre short film I have ever made, and possibly will ever make.

It’s… well… difficult to explain. But I did record myself pitching the film to my class, so you can listen.

2 thoughts on “Pitching the bizarre

  1. Andy? Did I hear him call you Andy? Aww, how cute! Well, just remember that we here at the Ministry of Playwriting are here for you, and for a simple fee we will doodle over your script, possibly put it through a dishwasher a couple times, and then give you a simple “I like it”. Sign up now and get a free 8×10 glossy of The Minister himself, signed and everything*! What’s that you say? Work? Of course I have work, what kind of person do you think I am?! Well, since you ask, I happen to be putting off coming up with a director’s concept of Samuel Beckett’s endgame, thank you very much. What? No. No that’s preposterous! Just because I have to present it tomorrow, and it’s worth 25% of my final IB theatre grade doesn’t mean I should get working on it. Anyhoo, to break away from the inner monologue, Hopefully before the time you put up Tracy McKnightly Parker or myself will get you a copy of “Teh Cold War (part 1)”.

    …and to think you could have done a zombie movie.


    *Note: The glossy is actually signed by a small insignificant turtle by the name of Juvles.

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