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Dear God, he’s finally done it. This is a film steeped so heavily in self-referential in-jokes that even though it’s apparently (and disturbingly) about me, I can’t understand it. It is possible that this is no longer a film, but some different and heretofore undiscovered form of communication. I feel as though I am watching the end of 2001 : A Space Odyssey for the first time, on a screen the size of the universe itself.

This is some of the most astonishing editing I’ve ever seen to come out of Vvinni’s mind, and I think we can safely say that as this project continues, the dispatches become smarter, better and more complex. Vvinni here demonstrates an uncanny ability to parse and deconstruct my previous message, all while building it into a post-post-postmodern photograph on the back of a milk carton. The epilogue that labels me “missing” is particularly chilling, and leaves me feeling as though I actually have gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

I fear I may have been bested here, I’m not sure if I’m capable of crafting an adequate response, but I will try. Speaking strategically, my previous dispatches have been an attempt to ape Vvinni’s style and beat him at his own game. It’s obvious that he is capable on that front beyond my wildest imagination, and so perhaps it is time to return to my old friends, minimalism and narrative. We shall see what comes next.

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