Press! Press! Press!

The Rocky Mountain Collegian just published a fantastic article on 16 Heads and Counting called “Bathed in bloodied success,” which is probably the most badass phrase that I have ever been associated with.

You can read the article here.

16 Heads is undergoing revision for entry in the festival circuit. Screener copies can be requested by e-mailing And when I’m back in Colorado over Thanksgiving, I’ll finally get around to handing out DVD copies to cast and crew. *Tsk* It sure took me long enough.

8 thoughts on “Press! Press! Press!

  1. Ethan wasn’t pushed off a bridge, he only did the pushing. I was pushed off the bridge. And furthermore, why doesn’t anybody interview the Dog? He’s willing to give an interview and talk about the film, he really is.

    Also, Isn’t it Rick Ney? No “S”?

  2. Re: blind guy on bridge – aw Jeezus, my bad. I fed a reporter false information.

    Re: your own ego – you aren’t in Colorado at the moment. The only reason there was a story at all was because the writer thought I was currently in Colorado when she first got in touch with me.

    Re: Rick Ney(s) – Yes, that’s an error. There’s always bound to be one. This is still the most accurate and well-written newspaper article about the film.

    Re: DVD – This is a no-frills pre-release screener DVD, like what we used to play the film at the Lyric. Don’t expect a fancy retail-type DVD for at least another year, depending on what happens with our distribution situation.

  3. Cool! I look forward to seeing both films. Sean’s Mom said she liked the random hotel clerk, but she was probably just being nice to me for all the times I gave Sean a ride home during Little Shop. See you Saturday!

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