Terminal Philosophy Production Schedule

UPDATE: We’ve been shuffling around the shooting schedule a bit (IHOP is still on for tonight from 11:00-12:45 and you’re all still invited, but we’re specifically having some trouble scheduling heaven). In light of this, I can’t keep this list up-to-date. For the complete, up-to-date schedule, please visit the Google calendar. If you are specifically required for any of the scenes, you should be receiving e-mail updates to schedule changes. If you aren’t, e-mail me.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

4 thoughts on “Terminal Philosophy Production Schedule

  1. Let me know if you need any props for my scene (watch, drink, plaster, gun, card, blood, sandwich, briefcase to put it in?, stool, peanuts, whatever. I’ll be in s.e. new mexico during purgatory (which is pretty much the same thing) so I can’t help with that. If I’m real ambitious (read: awake) I may come to IHOP tonight. Cheers!

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