Proof that my writing teacher is freakin' awesome

Consider this speech he gave today, on the last day of our writing class:

“I’ve decided not to do a final writing exercise today, unless you desperately want to. (pauses) I didn’t think so. Instead I’m just going to have you fill out this course evaluation, and when you’re done with that you can pick up your last two graded essays at the front of the room.

“I’ve enjoyed all of you, and I hope you’ve enjoyed me, at least intermittently. Other than that… have a nice life.” (he exits the classroom, never to return)

The class was left sitting there in stunned silence for about twenty seconds, and then a wave of laughter washed over all of us (and let me tell you, that class is a tough crowd).

Hot damn, I’m excited for his David Lynch class next semester.

5 thoughts on “Proof that my writing teacher is freakin' awesome

  1. Coolest teacher ever. I’m PRETTY jealous you got into the David Lynch class. I would have been able to take it no matter what but my film class is at the same time. Can’t win ’em all, I guess.

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