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Hello all! It’s been a while since I last posted here or did a vodcast, so I’m just here to assure you all that I’m still alive and to update you on a few things:

FIRST: there will be several new films for you by next week, including the products of the filmmaker deathmatch. Stay tuned. Here’s something (not related to the deathmatch) to whet your appetite.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to do a vodcast this weekend because I’ve got a crapload of drawing homework to do, but maybe next week.

I have noticed that NOTHING has been written so far for the You Explode Filmmaking project. Get on the ball, people, or you’re all fired as my collaborative producers! (You’ve never heard of a director firing his producers, have you? Well there’s a first for everything.)

Thanks to Micah and Mike, we are 20% of the way to our goal of raising $100 by January 1st to help cover the cost of switching to a more centralized server Keep ’em coming, folks! (and I’m sorry for the delay in your sonnet, Mike. I’ll get around to it eventually–iambic pentameter is HARD!)

Finally, I would just like to bask in the glory of two things:

Thing the first: The election. Sorry to be the stereotypical straight-ticket Democrat, but it was a thing of beauty. ‘Nuff said.
Thing the second: Next semester, I will be taking Intro to Filmmaking, officially making me a film student. I also will be taking a class on the career of David Lynch, and I WON’T HAVE TO TAKE DRAWING CLASS, and I’ll have Fridays off! (Is it possible that there is a God and he’s a fan of my work? …didn’t think so.)

That’s it for now because from where I’m standing it’s 3 AM and I’m going to bed.

14 thoughts on “Recent goings-on

  1. Wait…wasn’t that the guy who did Mulholland Drive?

    NO, ANDREW! Please, your budy of work is already vague, metaphysical and curious! It doesn’t need to be completely incomprehensible as well!

  2. …the point of taking that class being that I can finally understand what the hell his movies MEAN.

    I can’t get incomprehensible until I’m famous and I have enough fans out there that colleges start teaching classes about ME.

  3. Well I WOULD say the election went great on a national level, but in Colorado we got BONED.
    1. Musgrave won
    2. The standards of conduct amendment passed (I now cannot recieve any gift from anyone which costs more than $50)
    3. The minimum wage amendment passed (Loss of jobs and small businesses)
    4. The marriage amendment passed
    5. The domestic partnership referendum didn’t
    6. The “spending requirements for school districts” passed (which means that rural districts will lose the ability to bus their students)

    On the plus side, Kefalas won and a few others were in there, too. But way to go Dems on the national side! I’ve been waiting for this day since 1994.

  4. Um… I’m pretty sure the Vic you’re talking about is my cousin. Small world, eh?
    Also, I have not seen Eraserhead, though I was the person to tell Vic about it.

    -Sean “I rarely have anything useful to say” Cummings

  5. Yes, Sean, you rarely do have anything useful to say.

    Vic is your cousin? Odd. Strange fellow, never knew his last name or, really, who he was. But he seemed nice. You tell him that from me.

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