Rough cut: game show scene from The Ultimate Challenge

Hello dear friends,

See below the rough cut (also without sound mix) of the scene from The Ultimate Challenge in which Marshall Walters (Tom Danford) discovers that he has been kidnapped and forcibly entered as a contestant in a Martian game show hosted by The Englishman (Al Fiene). Announcer voice provided by the Immesurable V. Gagnepain, who appears to have forsaken the internet (don’t tell anybody, but I mailed him a suspicious package as a form of surrealist revenge).

Your comments and criticisms are appreciated:

The Ultimate Challenge: game show rough cut from Andrew Gingerich on Vimeo.

Number 2 is a trick question, by the way. See, if you’re digging for water on the surface of Mars, you first dig shallow and if you don’t find any water, then you dig deep. No need to keep digging if you dig shallow and find water.

As always in faithful service,

Andrew Gingerich

One thought on “Rough cut: game show scene from The Ultimate Challenge

  1. It’s good to see you got the audio files alright. Do they work? Would you have wanted something else?

    Also, I received your surrealist revenge. I’ve been contemplating sending a re-revenge envelope, but I think it’s too late now so… maybe I’ll just give it to you in a large novelty cardboard something. Good luck with the rest of editing.

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