Seeking advice…

Dear Internet,

I need to learn as much functional Spanish as possible in the next month. How should I do this?

I speak some small amount of French and can count to 10 in Spanish. On a good day I can say, “Hello, nice to meet you.” Please advise.

Your pal,

2 thoughts on “Seeking advice…

  1. is a free, communal language learning system. It can give you some of the basics. The cool thing about it is that your submissions get critiqued by native speakers of the language you’re learning, and in return you critique people trying to learn English. It’s pretty awesome.

    Other than that, you may just have to learn by immersion, my friend.

  2. French won’t help you very much, believe me I’m taking it now and my Spanish is doing very little in my understanding of the language.

    As for learning as much Spanish as you possibly could, I’d just look online and get a textbook from Amazon and go through it. Mainly because any computer software or internet site I’d be skeptical with due to the lack of knowing if you’re pronouncing anything right. This way is expensive, but I think you’d be able to at least get the basic knowledge with it.

    Aside from that, I’ve heard that if you completely immerse yourself in a language then you’ll learn to speak it better than any class or website would. I haven’t ever tried this approach, but if you go to Nicaragua (I’m assuming that’s what this is about) you could give yourself a few weeks just to walk around and immerse yourself. The more I write about this plan, the less I like it.

    If you’ll be back over thanksgiving I could help you a bit with pronunciation. My Five years of Spanish ought to do something, even though I’ve been away from it for about three years now. Good luck.

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