Sick and tired (but at least I'm here)

Hello everyone! After a FASCINATING 1000-mile drive I’m now at MCAD! I’ve got the rest of the day off and only one class (Drawing 1… ugh… I can’t draw. Which makes art school the logical choice, right?) tomorrow, which starts at 1:00. I’m all moved in to my apartment, but because it’s underground I can’t get cell reception. FUN! So now I get to leave my phone on the windowsill whenever I go in so I can at least hear it ring and then go outside to call the person back! So if you try to call me, expect a dropped call and then an immediate callback from me. That’s just the way it’s gonna be.

Well, I need to get files all copied over and get Final Cut installed, so I’ll be cutting this entry short with a quick (and devilishly appealing, if I do say so myself… which I do) picture of myself in the MCAD courtyard, taken by the camera in my BRAND NEW MACBOOK!

Andrew at MCAD


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