…so that's Minnesota.

Hey, everybody out there in magic fantastic electron-land! I just got back from beautiful (really) Minneapolis–or Mpls., as the Minneapolans (Minneapolitans? Minneapoliticians?) jauntily abbreviate it. I’ve just spent today recovering from jet-lag and reverse jet-lag (I thought that must be a good thing, but on the way back I figured out that it actually meant that I had to stay awake for an extra hour–of course, I “figured this out” at either midnight or 11:00, depending on which time zone I was in, so it may not hold a lot of weight as a scientific observation). I’ve got a little Gonzovision documentary short about the Mall of America in the works; I’ll put it up on the vodcast as soon as it’s finished.

As for MCAD itself, it’s a really cool place. It seems like a very exciting, tightly-knit community. I had a chance to sit in on a documentary & experimental film class, which was quite interesting. I spoke to a junior film major there, who told me that MCAD’s film program tends to focus more on the art of storytelling through film rather than the strictly technical aspect, so it sounds like it’s right down my alley. MCAD is also located right next to (and is apparently connected by tunnel, although I never laid eyes on said tunnel) the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which is a really fantastic art museum. I only had time to see the top floor, but even that was amazing. They’ve got a couple Van Goghs and Monets, and some other work by famous artists, but the really impressive displays are these things where they rebuild an entire room from some other location and time period–they had the study from a manor in 1600’s England, for example, and the lobby of a Parisian hotel from the 1850’s.

So anyway, it looks for the moment like MCAD is probably the place I’ll want to be in the fall. I must be insane, picking Minnesota over somewhere like Georgia.

Anyway… back to the grind.

4 thoughts on “…so that's Minnesota.

  1. Glad you liked Mpls. Clicked on your link from CARS. Mpls. is great and, thanks to global warming, pollution and hundreds of other things, our winters are getting better. I only had to pull out the snow blower three times.

    Also, not to far from where you were is uptown and “the lakes.” If you make it past uptown, the lakes offer some very nice “sightseeing.”


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