I planned to write my script during Speech. Instead I seem to be working on Speech during my script… if that makes any sense at all. Speech isn’t very… good… either. My ‘peers’ seem vapid, disinterested, and all around what is wrong with America. There is one kid who is actually intelligent, and he’s just as apathetic as I am. We’re friends now.

I am sick of commercials. “She’s obviously a scientist because she’s wearing a white coat with buttons and pockets and she’s wearing glasses. Never mind the fact that she’s practically half naked were it not for that lab coat and her high-heeled, black leather boots that go up past her knee. No she’s obviously a scientist. Ooooooooo shiny briefcase, there MUST be real, pertinent technology in there! Gilete, huh? Sounds technical. It must be good. Designed by scientists. Hot girl scientists. Must… buy….” GAH.

As for the script, I haven’t met my goal for myself. Fuck. Heaven better be done soon, or I’m going to start freakin’ out. Anyway, if you have any idea for content in Hell, I’ve got some, but not enough. Go for it, if you feel.

Sorry for the short, unfulfilling post, but I have a speech to write.

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