Spike Jonze has a blog!

We Love You So is a new blog by director Spike Jonze and some other people, presumably from the production office of the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are (October! Mark your calendars!) What appeals to me so much about it is that it isn’t a hey-everyone-look-at-our-production-stills sort of blog. In fact, most of the posts are only peripherally related to the actual film, but rather are just about people and things they think are cool, and the occasional glimpse into Jonze’s shoebox of photos and music videos.

Take, for instance, this music video for Mike Watt’s “Big Train,” published by Jonze under the heading “Videos that didn’t make it,” along with a note that the video was only aired once before Union Pacific threatened a lawsuit. Just watch to see why:

If you haven’t seen the trailer to Where the Wild Things Are, do yourself a favor and watch it right now.

[via /film]

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