Starring Richard Nixon in Attack of the Giant Clams

Happy Halloween to you all. As an extra-special Halloween treat, I have for your reading pleasure a short script I just wrote. Enjoy!

Attack of the Giant Clams (PDF)

Also, I’d just like to point out that voting on our Insomnia film The Adventures of Les Brady, Narcoleptic Detective closes on November 9th! Remember that I said that if we get into the top 25, the vodcast is coming back! Note that if you really want the vodcast to come back, you’ll not only vote yourself, but you’ll get everyone you know to vote too!

To vote, just go to, from where you’ll be redirected to our page on Apple’s site. You need to have an Apple ID to vote, but it’s easy enough to set one up. Also note that it’s not enough to just select a star rating from the drop-down list on the side. You then have to click the continue button to submit the rating. If you have successfully rated the film, it will tell you so in the rating sidebar.

That is all. Have a happy Pagan Day.

12 thoughts on “Starring Richard Nixon in Attack of the Giant Clams

  1. That is a fantastic script. It is unfortunate that you may not be able to do anything with it, though I sincerely hope you can.

    Nixon’s admissions at the end were probably my favourite part.

  2. Giant Clams! That’s one that hasn’t been used yet! We’ll make it, draw it out to two hours, and become full-fledged horror movie writers! BTW, I don’t like to write out words anymore. OMG LOL, IDK WTF? Y R U CN E 2 D EVTR? F,IDB TTGC WBVITS,C,G,I. AFT, ITYHAPGS. IFIYCDT, IWG U TTDTMI.

    S, VV

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