Student Prius Video Wins SCADDYs

So I was perusing Autoblog Green tonight and they had a very cool article. Link here.

Apparently some student at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) made a really nice video (a commercial for the Toyota Prius) for a class project or something that ended up winning some awards at SCAD. This is relevant in a few ways:

1) The Prius could use the attention (though we can all agree there are similar and more affordable hybrids out there).

2) There is a link to the student’s web page, which gives a class by class presentation of how the video was made, which is good for both film students and 3-D design students. It’s also very cool to just look at.

3) We should all be reading Autoblog Green.

4) We should pay close attention to things coming from Art/Design Colleges and Conservatories. There is some very neat stuff going on in that world.

Thus ends my post. Here is the link/URL for the student’s page (warning: It takes a long time to load, so you folks on dial-up will be suffering):

4 thoughts on “Student Prius Video Wins SCADDYs

  1. Not bad… for SCAD.

    Art school infighting aside, that’s a cool video, especially for a single animator working alone on a 10-week deadline.

    I won’t deign to say that what goes on at places like MCAD or SCAD shapes culture, but it certainly is a good early-warning system for where culture is headed.

    Still… SCAD? SCAD is so… never mind. (grudgingly) It was pretty cool.

  2. Doesn’t it just seem like “SCAD” is a bit undignified? Just the letters in that order make it seem… dirty. Maybe it’s because “scat” is so close, and we all know what that is…

  3. Well… I can’t comment on that. I mean, MCAD sounds like a piece of highly specialized and mostly useless software.

    Which I guess is an apt analogy for an education in the arts.

  4. That is awesome, the 3D-design segment was great. It was really impressive and as far as “selling out” goes, this is pretty noble…and what any successful artist should really do.

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