The Deposition of Lawrence Patterson

In keeping with my new strategy of appearing in short films doing the stupidest things I can think of:

I’m not usually big on adaptations, but when I came across this transcript, I knew immediately that it had to filmed. And yes, this actually happened, on December 30th, 2010; If you’d like, you can read along from the official transcript [via Supreme Court of Ohio]. The fun starts on page 280.

*If you’re wondering what the term “Excelsior Grip” means, that’s because I made it up for use in situations exactly like this one: it’s somebody who does everything, and without whom the film would never have been made.

Haven’t updated the blog recently as I’ve got a couple vaguely-interesting projects going at the moment; one is a screenplay that I wrote and now have to revise, the other is something that isn’t yet ready to be discussed in polite company. Stay tuned.

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