The Exploding Blog is online!

Yes, I am now happily blogging away (albeit in a less stylish fashion than I had originally envisioned) at the so-called-by-me Exploding Blog!

Perhaps I should explain this naming convention. It all centers around “Exploding Goldfish Films,” which was basically just a random name that I thought sounded good. NOW, however, I have the Exploding Blog and the Exploding Showreel, and possibly in a few months a compilation of short films entitled Exploding Shorts. Let me assure you that this isn’t just to be cute. No, this is a little jab at the Hollywood film factory, where for something to get anyone’s attention, it has to be exploding.

Writer: “I’ve got a great idea for a movie! It’s a touching story about a family of mice!”
Executive: “BOR-ING!”
Writer: “…EXPLODING mice?”
Executive: “You’re hired. Here’s a wad of twenties. I’ll get Brad Pitt on line 2.”

I originally had dreams of making a site with RapidWeaver or hand-coding it in CSS and powering it with WordPress and including comments and automatically-generating RSS feeds, but for now I’m sticking to building the site in the lovely little free program Nvu and making the RSS feed by hand.

I’ll be writing more soon, but frankly, my blog is a low priority at this point.

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