The Magical Murderous Kingdom of Eat Street

Here’s a short film I just finished for my foundation 2D class (it’s not relevant but I’m MAKING it relevant gosh darn it). A little background: a couple blocks from MCAD is a street that, due to the high saturation of restaurants, has been dubbed “Eat Street” by the Minneapolis tourism board. So I made a movie out of it for 2D. Here it is.

My roommate Jacob plays both the salesman’s voice and the conversationalist in the blue hat. My RA Dave is the second conversationalist, Willy, another guy from my building is the person who is far too excited about Eat Street, and Ben (Willy’s roommate) plays Pierre (the Bohemian guy), as well as being the boom operator.

28 thoughts on “The Magical Murderous Kingdom of Eat Street

  1. Pity you weren’t in it, though I am guessing the exploding head was your work. It makes me want to go to Eat Street, to say the least. I gave me the feeling of an Albino Black Sheep cartoon…not necissarily a bad thing, some of those are good.

  2. That was one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a good while. I love the music, and the head thing is not only side splittingly funny but also quite well done. Nice and fast, definetly got a flash cartoon vibe from it, and I think thats a good thing.

  3. I didn’t mean to make it sounds bad, by the way. I liked it a lot, a very familiar feeling to it though, that reminded me of Albino. I have seen your head-exploding-portfolio in the past, so I thought it really must have been yours. Was the a group project? Class project? You and some kids?

  4. I agree. Please refrain from acting. Your interpretation of an ‘eye twitch’ is what is more commonly known as a ‘head bob’.
    Also, please refrain from posting irrelevant objects on this site. I’m only adding this to annoy you, but if this impertinence continues we’ll boot your authorisation.
    Refrain Just how deep do you believe
    When you bite the hand that feeds…

  5. Parker, my post is what we in the bid’ness like to call ‘insincere heckling’. It’s a form of doublethink in which the speaker amuses himself while pissing off everyone else. I actually enjoyed the movie.

    I does not equal Greg, but you does have a firm grasp of Greg. Good for you. Want a biscuit?

  6. If I am not mistaken, Andrew, the entirety of your previous head exploding was in the History of Farming…or whatever the title was. John Smith (or a similar name) I think had his head explode at the very end, though prior to that he had decapitated at least one head, which seems a similar principle.
    I thought Andrew has done alright in acting, mostly I think a director/producer/editor shouldn’t been in their own creations, beyond a tastful minor role. Star Trek has pulled some quite decent ones off where a director is a major character, but beyond that I can’t think of many.

  7. Paul: umm… Citizen Kane?

    I have a great respect for directors who can act in their own films. Zach Braff, for instance, wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Garden State and the scope of an undertaking like that boggles the mind. And then of course, as I said, there’s Orson Welles.

    The problem with acting in films you direct is that you have to be a tremendously confident actor to know how you need to alter your performance take-by-take. And I’m not a tremendously confident actor.

    I do now recall the decapitation in History of Farming, although I maintain that this is the first actual head explosion I’ve ever done.

  8. As far as procedure for the actually head explodey, why were there multiple takes? The pixilation noticeably changes between the ‘oh,-i’m-so-useless-and-hungry’ shot and the ‘oh,-i’m-so-useless-and-hungry-and-dead’. Did you just like another take better?

    I was quite impressed with the slumpage, however. That chin-pierced, blue-hat-wearing fellow should be commended and possibly given a career as a film stand in for people who slump over, dead. Is this post rambling? I think so.

    My photo class think that the narrator’s voice is incredibly annoying, and Mr. Ney gasped when he saw the head explodey. He gasped good.

    Oh, and Paul? Not all my posts make me out to be an asshole. Some just portray me as an incredible idiot.

  9. I forgot about Orson Wells, and have yet to see Garden State.
    I suppose it might have been a head decapitation, but there were exploding (cows?) at the beginning…so I guess I mixed the two.

  10. Evan, first of all, pixilation is a term used to refer to stop-motion animation done with full-sized objects and people. The word you’re looking for is pixelation: the “stairstepping” pattern of pixels caused by an undersampled image.

    However, this isn’t pixelation. It’s actually artifacting from the MPEG compression process, and that little tweak in the image is caused by a new keyframe being introduced into the sequence by the compression. This is, in fact, one continuous shot and the artifacting was introduced by the compression process (the artifacting is so pronounced because I was taking a 515-megabyte file and cramming it into 7 megabytes.

    And I’m glad that I can still make Mr. Ney gasp even though I’m 1000 miles away.

  11. Oh shit I missed that whole set of posts. I’m also VERY CONFUSED! Why does someone equal me? WHY!??? Is it because I’m friggin awesome or was it an insult. If it was an insult then I guess I’ll go die now.

  12. I’m sorry I have to do this, but there’s been a palatable yet undefinable animosity floating around in the comments for the last couple posts, so I’m temporarily instituting martial law and making the following decree:

    For the next three days, all comments must be in Pig Latin!

    I-ay ope-hay ou-yay ave-hay earned-lay our-yay esson-lay.

  13. OK, it’s been three days and the Pig Latin decree has been lifted. You all behaved wonderfully–except for Evan, who ignored the decree and incurred my wrath, forcing me to sentence him to a week without vowels. Let this be a lesson to you.

    Anyway, you’re all allowed to post in normal, ungrammatical, poorly-constructed prose again. As long as you quit this axe-grinding and grudge-bearing and other hyphen-ated verb-age.

    Remember, this hurt me more than it hurt you.

  14. Oh, shit. I totally forgot. It’s been like three weeks, hasn’t it.

    Tell you what. I’ve got a history test tomorrow morning that I need to study for, but after that I’ll tape and edit and it’ll be up by Thursday night.

  15. dear ANdrew,
    My sincre congratdulations on your eat Street movie. It was realy good i guess I must have enjyoed it. Well mister nevery ou gorfget that i love yuo very very vyer much.
    and i be grammatical.

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