The November election is a means, not an end

I originally posted this as a Facebook note, but decided that it was worth posting here as well (I recognize that politics may not be your thing and this is not a political blog, but I make no apologies about the fact that I will most likely be posting some political content leading up to the election):

I voted for Barack Obama because I believe in him, both as a powerful symbol and a policy-maker.

John McCain is a conscientious, experienced statesman who is advocating for policy that he believes is right. He is not four more years of George W. Bush.

The Republican party has no more ability or willingness to perpetrate election fraud than does the Democratic party. The Bush administration has no incentive to interfere with the elections, even if they had the stomach for it.

There is a statistically insignificant number of Americans who will vote against Obama because he is black. The fact that even a single vote should be cast out of racial prejudice is gravely disturbing.

An Obama presidency will not solve our country’s problems.

A McCain presidency will not destroy America.

A vote cast out of fear is a vote which should not be cast.

No matter the results of the November 4th election, we will all need to very quickly move beyond our personal reaction to the outcome and work towards concrete solutions to the massive problems facing our country and the world. Casting a ballot is not an abdication of responsibility.

That is all.

To make this post vaguely film-related, here are some tidbits:

I got a package from Movielab on Monday. Inside that package was 2140 feet of film—all the camera negative from Out the Window: processed, cleaned, and prepped for transfer.

So how does the footage look? I can’t tell you. No, it’s not because I’m being mysterious, it’s because I don’t know. I didn’t have Movielab do the transfer, because I’m trying out a new transfer house: Cinelicious in California offers outlandishly reasonable rates for transferring film direct to high-definition digital files. You just send them your film and a hard drive and they take care of the rest.

I’ve ordered a new terabyte hard drive (all my drives are full), which should get here in time for me to send it and the film out to California on Friday. But in the meantime, I don’t have any way of telling how the footage looks. It’s called working on the cheap, and it is the way movies happen when you’re a student.

By the way, that’s almost exactly one hour of film, in case you’re interested.

3 thoughts on “The November election is a means, not an end

  1. That is the most refreshing writing on a political topic I’ve read in months. Thank you! Can I throw away all my political postcards now? They’re cluttering my kitchen.

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