They love Jerry Lewis in France, and…

…as bizarre as it seems, I’ve got a fan in Australia! I was absolutely floored when I got this e-mail last night from Ciara, who lives in Sydney and apparently has nothing better to do with her time than to watch my vodcast (swear to God I’m not making this up):

Hey there Andrew,

I have absolutely no idea how i came across Diary of a Mad Filmaker but for some reason it appeared on my ipod on my bus to uni thismorning. So i watched your wrap party film and then the intro to Wholesale Souls, and seriously it struck me.

I dont really know what to assume, you could be this mad internet film maker famous high school dude from Colorado (?) or you could just be some mediocre lame film nerd (which seems a whole lot more appealing), or like you might not ever even read my email.

Anyway, I think your awesome and from what ive seen so far you should have your own TV show. I left a comment under your uber-popular photoframe competition, but id prbly just submit some mad photo of myself.

but yeah im 19 and live in Syndey, Australia, i study Art Theory at uni so im a massive art nerd but my main obsession is photography. ive made a few short films in my time but nothing thats even worth mentioning.. yeah. that bad. apart from that mostly lame stuff of me and my mates penetrating streets with wierd street names and causing havvoc as young ruthless high school students. but thats another story.

unfortunately i dont have a theatre or a contract thing or really any money that i can send you… but i might just be your first fan? in australia i mean. im sure your website was full of comments at one stage but youve just deleted them out of modesty etc.

out of only watching the wrap party and your trailer, i really dig yourself and Paul. but you all seem like top blokes, i had to stop myself from laughing out loud on the bus to avoid anarchy + riots etc.

so ill watch the rest of your podcasts things this week on my super 2hr bus rides into uni and get back to you.

Happy editing man.

love ciara

This is really fantastic. For one thing, I’ve never been called a bloke before. For another thing, I can’t believe anyone in Australia even knows I EXIST, much less watches my vodcast. It really makes me wonder how many subscribers I actually have. Unfortunately, I have no idea because iTunes doesn’t offer any sort of statistics to show these things. For all I knew up until yesterday, I had maybe three subscribers at most, all people directly involved in the movie.

I sent back a rather flustered and grateful reply, and I just got another e-mail from her, in which she tells me that she will be telling some people about the vodcast. It looks like there’s a good chance that my Australian audience may soon outnumber my American audience! But again, I really have no clue how many subscribers I have.

She also suggests I wear a shirt reading “HEY EVERYBODY LOOK HOW GREAT I AM.” I’ll get on that.

Anyway, this has inflated my ego to near the bursting point, and it really makes me reassess my life. I mean, does this mean people are ACTUALLY WATCHING MY VODCAST? Like, people I don’t know? Damn… maybe I should get a haircut.

If you watch my vodcast and/or you think I need a haircut, you can leave a comment or e-mail me. I love getting e-mails because I’m a very lonely person and because I really truly honestly have no idea how many people subscribe to my vodcast. Also, feel free to send me money. Because although, as the Beatles so famously put it, “money can’t buy me love,” but it can buy a whole lot of other things, including milkshakes and senators.

But my mind wanders.

And now it’s time to stop feeling self-important and start editing. Thanks for the confidence boost.

4 thoughts on “They love Jerry Lewis in France, and…

  1. Well, I am proud to say I am no slave of MySpace. Damn you guys and your blogging. Though, I must admit this one has kept me quite entertained, and I do suppose I am eager to find information on our one and only fan.

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