Third Party '08

Here it is on Vimeo (click the “HD” button to watch in 720p):

Third Party ’08 from Andrew Gingerich on Vimeo.

Or if you prefer, click here for a direct-link QuickTime.


8 thoughts on “Third Party '08

  1. I’ve reached a level beyond student filmmaker? When? How? Should I bristle at that accusation?

    That shot of the flag doesn’t read as being outside the window, with Deerborn and his staffers reflected in the glass? I’ll work on that.

    Oh, and one more thing I have to say before I hold my peace: “high-minded” and “lame” aren’t the same thing— in fact, they rarely go hand-in-hand.

  2. I totally did not get the flag thing either.

    But nice stuff! Something about the conversation about winning Kansas just worked for me.

    The camera did a very nice job, too! You should steal it.

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