This blizzard can bite my ass. Hard.

So here I am, everyone. Stuck in a La Quinta, in a blizzard, in CHEYENNE. I’m literally 45 miles from home, and I can’t get there.

This is the sound of me glaring at the blizzard: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I just thought you all should share my UNDYING PAIN!

I can’t believe it. 45 MILES!

Sigh. If anyone wants to give me moral/social/economic/geo-political support, please do. I could use it.

5 thoughts on “This blizzard can bite my ass. Hard.

  1. If it’s any consolation, I spent 36 hours of quality time with my favorite coworkers stuck up at the Rawhide power plant just down the road from you. I finally got out Thursday night at about 5:30 pm and there was an exodus of folks coming down I-25 from Cheyenne to Fort Fun. You were probably in the caravan and got into town safely, only to get horribly stuck in your very own neighborhood. We’ll all be old geezers someday and talk about th eblizzard of aught six.

  2. Oh, that’s nonsense. Everyone knows we’ll all kill ourselves from smoking or being crushed in freak extreme-sports accidents long before we reach the creditable distinction of ‘geezer’.

    Maybe one of our then-geezette girlfriends will have an amusing anecdote about this blizzard, but our roles will almost certainly be downsized.

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