This is called chaos

Too much is going on, but I’m not here to complain. I’m here for your sympathy.

As if it’s not enough that I’ve got AP classes that are eating my soul and I’m still waiting to hear from RISD admissions and I need to figure out how to go about picking between RISD and SCAD and MCAD and also figure out what financial aid hoops I still have to jump through and I’m editing a movie with a plot that slips through my fingers whenever I make a grab at it, we’re now covering sleep in my psych class and I’m coming to the realization that I’m horribly sleep-deprived. I think it’s moving my Chi into the wrong… zoombah.

At least WordPress is working like a dream, but now it makes the rest of the site feel like it was hand-coded by cross-eyed monkeys. So much for my web authoring skills.

Anyway, all the other people connected closely to the film have been sucked into Our Town. Luckily for me, the last performance is on Saturday and them I’m counting on Parker to help tell me how to edit. Maybe we’ll pull an all-nighter over spring break or something. Not that it would be very productive, but it might get my right brain jump-started. Besides, he needs to learn Final Cut if he’s going to work at Channel 10 next fall.

This is called chaos, and I’m mostly writing to fill out my blog—I’m pushing to break the ten-post barrier and then it’s smooth sailing until I get to fifty.

And then there’s the movie. It sits in the corner and stares at me with bloodshot eyes. It looks like it needs a Tylenol. I think I need one, too.

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