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Hello dear friends,

I know, it’s been over a month since my last post. I’ve been a neglectful blogger, and for that I apologize. Now, zooming down Interstate 25 at just slightly over the posted speed limit of 75 miles per hour (but not driving while typing, don’t worry), I am suddenly presented with about two hours of unscheduled free time. Let me tell you a little about what I’ve been doing lately.

Nathan Bock as Terry and Nicole Gawronski as Margot

Ever since I started at MCAD, it’s been my intention to make a feature-length film for my senior thesis project, and so since the beginning of my freshman year, I’ve been searching for a premise or a script to make as the culmination of my collegiate experience, and potentially the last feature I ever have an opportunity to make (not the way I’d like things to turn out, but life’s a bitch). That opportunity presented itself with a script first suggested by Greg, who wanted me to make a movie that didn’t have anything to do with religion—a political comedy. Thus, Political Justice was born.

Two and a half years later, the script is finished. What was initially envisioned as a short film about a George W. Bush analog who will read anything off a teleprompter is now a sweeping, ensemble-based feature. I think what initially attracted me to the movie was the central message that is just as relevant now as it was two years ago: If we want things to improve in the long term, we’ve got to fuck shit up in the here and now, and fuck it up good. That was the glue that held all the drafts together, and it’s why I’m still in love with the script so far along into the process.

Thanks to the kindness and tolerance of dozens of people in Minnesota, Wyoming and Colorado, we are now entering our third week of production. We’ve shot at the University of Wyoming, the State Capitol in Cheyenne, in moving cars all around two states, and at a little fast food joint on 3rd street in Laramie. Talented director and cinematographer Matt Kane drove down from Minnesota with a carload of equipment and is staying with me in Colorado for the duration of the shoot. This has all been made possible by Vvinni Gagnepain of Henceforth Productions, who has done all the scheduling (we have the most complicated production schedule I’ve ever seen, by the way).

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Sometime soon (“soon” being a relative term), you can expect to see a teaser posted on this site. Coming up in a day or two, though, I’ll have a run-down of our cast for all to see and admire. That’s a promise—I’m writing it right now. We’re headed to Parker, but we aren’t even into Denver yet, and I’ve got to do something other than twiddle my thumbs.

Ken Benda as Wilt Sturgeon with Chris Green, Sean Cummings, Andy Miller, Greg Kindred and Marlin May

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