Two pieces of many

Post-production on Discouraging Words is getting crazy (in a good way?) because I need to have a screener done by the seventh of May. Here’s where I withdraw into my hole and become an antisocial hermit until the movie is finished, so if you send me an e-mail or Facebook message or the like, don’t expect to necessarily get a reply. Ever. Fair warning—that’s just the way I roll.

Anyway, here are two things that you might find interesting. First, a frame from some news graphics I’m currently rendering out:

Jesse Griffith and Lawrence Levesque as cable news pundits

And here is an actual scene, presented in its entirety:

If you want to see those two things in motion and in context respectively, perhaps you should buy a ticket to Program 2 (Wyoming Showcase) of the Cheyenne International Film Festival.

Peace and love to you all. I’ll see you next month.

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