USFG rough cut complete

Hey all! I’m very excited to announce that last night I finished the first pass assembly/rough cut of Untitled Search for God (still not the real title). It clocks in at 102 minutes and features numerous problems that will be solved by a year’s worth of audio re-recording, fine-tuning, color correction, special visual effects and weeping. It’s all part of the creative process.

One more matter of business: we are still without an actual title for the movie, which we need before we can start putting out trailers and other promotional material. I have a couple that I’m playing around with, but I’m willing to entertain suggestions. So the comments thread for this post is the chance for all of you to make suggestions and slug it out with other readers. The only criterion: It cannot contain the word ‘untitled.’ Have at it!

19 thoughts on “USFG rough cut complete

  1. 102 minutes? Wow, that is awesome.

    When I talk about it with Mikhail he always says the he likes the title “Dog ate God” or something to that affect. I think that is a good one, or at least playing off the Dog/God thing in some way. Though, I guess that could be using one joke too often.

    I will try and think on this more, but I still haven’t found the copy of the script Ethan sent me a while ago…so I really have nothing to go off for a title.

  2. “God or Dog?”


    “Honey, I can’t choose a religion”


    “Search for God”


    “John’s Search for God”


    “What the hell kind of a name is Fran?”

  3. I concur with the lack of God in the title.

    I concur with, “What the Hell Kind of a Name is Fran?”

    But in all seriousness:

    Dog Lies. Illusions of Grandeur. The Purpose of the Question Why.
    Incriminating Purposes. 16 Heads (And Counting?). Consider An Alternative. There’s Got to Be. Knifed. Out of the Woods. My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer. In All Seriousness.

    Yeah, I’ll keep thinking about it.

  4. Or is it about a treasure hunter looking for the lost diary of John Wilkes Booth in order to clear his fathers’ name of assassinating Lincoln.

    Wait…I’ve got it well call it “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”

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