We want YOU to be death personified!

The road to shooting (even pickups) (especially pickups) is fraught with potholes. The one major scene we need to shoot while I am in town over Thanksgiving is a scene in which Leo meets the Grim Reaper. Unfortunately, the actor lined up to play the Grim Reaper has canceled on us and we are now looking for new talent.

We need someone with a dark soul, a cutting sense of irony, and the ability to strike fear into the hearts of men with a single glance. Previous stage and/or film acting experience is preferred but not required. The scene (especially the Grim Reaper’s dialogue) is written in a very theatrical manner, and we have always wanted to have someone with a theatrical background (or at least a theatrical persona) to play the part.

Here is some sample dialogue:

Who are you to decide who lives and who dies?

(tired, but mildly amused)
I am the Angel of Death. That is my job.

But why then?! I had a life to live.

You would have died the same way old as you did young. Lonely, depressed, godless.

Leo shakes his head for he does not want to believe.

You know, Leo, hell is no fairy tale, Leo. It is a very real, very terrible place.

The reaper beckons Leo to him. Leo comes, and the reaper places his mouth up to Leo’s ear.

Atheists go to hell, Leo.

What do you think? Can you pull it off? Do you know someone who can? E-mail me and let me know. Be sure to provide your name and phone number, and if available, a résumé is appreciated.

The Shoot will take place either Wednesday, November 22nd, Friday the 24th, Saturday the 25th, or Sunday the 26th.

17 thoughts on “We want YOU to be death personified!

  1. Glad to have you back in town, kid-o. I was also wondering when the long process of ADR would begin, not to mention the recording of Modern Social Darwinist, for which I have been trying to gather people.

    Not to put more weight on you or anything…

  2. ADR and music recording will happen in December. Our only goal for next week is to get the Grim Reaper scene shot. All other considerations are secondary.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know of a good location for this scene? I’d say cemetery, but I don’t know if we can git into one for the shoot.

  3. Kyle? MY Kyle?

    Picha is exceptional at faking injurious stunts. We should throw him out a window (actually, he’d throw himself), or set him on fire with David.

  4. I would actually enjoy the role of Death, but I don’t want to be pressuring and there very well may be better, not to mention someone who has not been in it yet.
    My vision would invlove my hair (shorted by 10 in. from Boatmen scene) slicked back, good suit, and glasses…
    Once again, you should certainly go with someone better and new if possible. Parker mentioned another one to me that seems good. Plus, I know nothing of this Kyle, but the reports sound positive.


    Did you know it’s legal to take live lobsters on airplanes?

  6. Are you limited to the maximum number of live lobsters? What if the cabin were to depressurize suddenly – would they burst like tasty, tasty grenades, showering everyone in crustacean shrapnel?

    When are they considered weapons? If you wear a T-Shirt that reads, ‘I use my live lobsters as nunchaku.’, would they suspect?

  7. I still say yes to Kyle (too late, I’m attached).
    And (no offense) but Paul would definitely not be my first choice for Death. But that’s just me. Wasn’t he already the ferryman? And does that matter?

  8. I am an Indy Pro-Wrestler who would like to show my interest in the part of Death. That is if you are still looking. I don’t own a computer and just came across this opportunity. Thank you.

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