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So after some reflection and, well I’ll just come out and say it, some quiet weeping (not much, mind you, but a little), I have come to the considered conclusion that blogging with Nvu and hand-building my own RSS feed just isn’t going to cut it. For one thing, Nvu is considerably laggy when entering large amounts of text. For another thing, I don’t want to have to update two different files to post one entry. Finally, Cyberduck is a great little FTP program, but it just isn’t up to this sort of heavy use, especially if I plan on updating this blog regularly. Luckily, there is another option: the open-source program WordPress. It’s AMAZING. And it’s FREE, and it builds its own web of archive pages, and it generates its own RSS feed (check out the bottom of the page for a link), and you can even comment on posts. I have arrived at last. Now I’m just starting to get this set up on my server (I have successfully run it locally, so I’m at least marginally confident in my ability to do this), and I don’t have a very nice look and feel yet. Don’t worry. It will come later. I’ve got a whole thing worked out; I just have to learn CSS before I can get the theme up and running. But it probably won�t be long.

I’ll update soon. For now, enjoy, and why not try out the commenting feature?

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