What does a scanner see?

Does it see into me clearly… OR DARKLY???

Food for thought.

24 thoughts on “What does a scanner see?

  1. There was a book?!
    I admit my ignorance…I am too busy with other books, okay?! Like the insane ramblings of a sci-fi author that Asimov really liked.

  2. Yeah… by Philip K. Dick… only the best-regarded sci-fi writer next to Asimov and maybe Bradbury.

    He’s kind of the darling of sci-fi filmmakers. Blade Runner, Paycheck, Minority Report and Total Recall are all based on books and short stories he wrote.

    And if he was still alive right now he’d be dead.

  3. Obviously you haven’t read much (if any) Philip K. Dick.

    Philip Dick lifted the entire genre of science-fiction out of the pit it had dug for itself–he made it RELEVANT TO EVERYDAY LIFE, in a way that *scoff* Orson Scott Card–could only DREAM of.

    Plus, God shot a pink laser into his head in 1974!

    Read VALIS, and behold his genius.

  4. Well, that’s very interesting. I fully submit to your superior intelligence and would like to point out that I pick my nose on a regular basis.

  5. I hereby decree that on the 21st of May I did issue an executive order condemning Mr. Paul Binkley to immediate and painful death. The subject is under surveillance now, and the order will be executed (in the presence of a notary) on the 23rd of May, 2006.

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