Who wants awesome power?

A CRIME OF OPPORTUNITY: I awoke this morning to find that the people behind WordPress, the wonderful software that powers this blog, have just released the 0.72 public beta of bbPress, which is essentially a forum driven by a WordPress backend.

In the interest of expanding the EXGfilms community, in preparation for the impending collaborative You Explode Filmmaking script and the inevitably endless discussions it will hopefully spawn, and because I was bored during art history class, I now have a functioning installation of bbPress on the site. Here’s where you come in.

I need forum testers. I would like the forum fleshed out quickly because I want it functional enough to go live on thursday or friday for the collaborative writing project. If you would like the opportunity to poke around in the pre-functional forum, starting threads, populating forums and just generally kicking the tires a couple times before it’s ready to roll, this deal is for you. If you’re prone to cackling fits and looooove to be drunk on power, this deal is also for you.

In return for being conversation-starters and getting everything ready for the general public, I will promote you all to MODERATORS when the forum goes live! If you’re interested, just e-mail me and I’ll give you all the information you need to get started.

One thought on “Who wants awesome power?

  1. I will happily conduct this exercise for the honor of Mother Russia and detonated goldfish around the world.

    I only hope that there are actual, physical tires to kick. If not, I may be yelled at by a few select motorists in the near future.

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