Wholesale Souls, Inc. DVD NOW AVAILABLE!!!

*UPDATED* Here’s a nice picture of the DVD:

Wholesale Souls DVD

You can now purchase the Wholesale Souls, Inc. DVD online here.

You can also find the DVD on Amazon, but it’s better for me if you buy it from the CustomFlix store linked to above, because that way Amazon doesn’t take a percentage of the profits.

This is a moment two years in the making, and I’m very excited. So what exactly do you get when you buy the DVD for $16.12? Well, here’s the short list:


  • The movie (yes, I remembered to put it on the DVD)
  • Multiple commentary tracks from the director (me), the cast and crew
  • Extensive DVD-ROM content, including a production diary, the original script, and the fantastic penguin painting by Mecha Ostorga


  • “Making Wholesale Souls, Inc.
  • “What Now?”
  • “Serious Business: Strange Mistakes, Insane Blunders, General Weirdness”
  • Teaser and theatrical trailer
  • Teaser for Terminal Philosophy
  • Unedited rushes for several scenes
  • DVD-ROM content: Diary of a Mad Filmmaker vodcast archive

All this is housed inside some very nice interactive menus on discs with very nice printed and lacquered full-color labels and a very nice case insert. I just looked over the proof copy and I can assure you that it is, in fact, very nice.

I owe a debt of gratitude to you all for being so patient in waiting for the DVD, and especially those of you cast and crew member who helped make Wholesale Souls happen. I wish I could buy DVDs for all of you, but unfortunately I can’t afford that. If you feel like you deserve to get a copy but can’t afford to pay full price, let me know and we can work something out.

16 thoughts on “Wholesale Souls, Inc. DVD NOW AVAILABLE!!!

  1. Easy!

    1) Log on to the internet, if you have such old technology that you need to log on
    2) Visit http://www.exgfilms.com
    3) Read that the Wholesale Souls DVD is ready to order
    4) Shit yourself
    5) Go to Goodwill and pick you up some cheap pants
    6) Return to exgfilms.com and repeat.

  2. It’s Here! It’s Here!

    Omigosh, I will open it now!

    It’s HERE!

    It’s Great-I Love it-IT’S HERE-It’s Gre-

    …um…Andrew, where’s disc two?

  3. Evan, you scared the shit out of me.

    I’d just like to make it clear to everyone that there IS in fact a second disc, and it IS included, and Evan was just being a jerk. That’s not a problem. That’s what he’s paid for.

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