Wholesale Souls, Inc. on IMDb

Yep, pretty much what the title implies: Wholesale Souls, Inc. now has an entry on IMDb, which means that I finally have an entry on IMDb, and so does everybody else listed in the Wholesale Souls credits. Hooray legitimacy!

Remember that you can purchase this piece of cinema history on DVD from CreateSpace or Amazon.com, and you can also watch the film for free online (if you want all the extras, including several whacked-out commentary tracks and a bunch of making-of footage and behind-the-scenes material, you’ll have to get the DVD).

I apodgelize for not posting anything here for a while, but I’ve been busy. *Great blanket excuse, Andrew. Keep it vague, they’ll never know you’ve actually spent the last month sitting in an armchair and eating crab salad out of a bucket with your bare hands. You’re almost home free!*

Actually, I’ve been working on movies, believe it or not. Shooting pickups for 16 Heads and Counting and trying not to do a half-assed job of co-producing Vvinni’s Tracy McKnightly film, and also DPing it (woooooooo), and I promise to try and do a better job of posting tidbits from these ventures here in the near future. Maybe some pictures. Yeah, that would be nice. I’ll take some pictures.


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