Wrapping it all up and rapdily going insane

OK, here’s the deal with the movie. This may be a rather long post, because I’m trying to figure out for myself how I’m going to get all this done (but I will, don’t worry!).

Today I’ll be shooting another scene with Elephant A. Antibody, an unusual chap who shows up in a hospital around the start of the third reel. In the scene we’re shooting today, he gets thrown off a bridge by a blind person. This would be easy if we had all the necessary permits and a construction budget or a wire rig, but we don’t. So I’m not sure how we’ll do this (but we will, don’t worry!).

Then tomorrow evening, I’m grabbing the last few shots I need from the living legend Stan McReynolds (also playing a character by that name—but as far as I know, the real-life Stan McReynolds is NOT the devil incarnate). This will actually be pretty easy (Because I’m saying that now, this part will invariably be the most difficult to get done).

I’ll be editing Friday, Taking Saturday off to go see Garrison Keillor (yay!) and then I’m going to get all the screen close-ups, document shots, and location shots on Sunday. After that, I’ll be getting the last scenes with James (played by the incomprehensible Gregory Ley) on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I’ll be shooting another final scene bit with an as-yet uncast character. After that it’s a bunch of ADR and sound mixing and image grading and polishing and such, and then I’ll pop in the music (and I WILL have some, don’t worry!)(and I’m sure it’ll be good!) and then the movie is DONE! FINITO! AND GOOD RIDDANCE!

At this point the end is in sight and it looks like it’ll be in about two weeks. Which is a good thing because graduation is the 27th of this month and I need to premiere the film before or very soon after in order to get a good-sized audience.

But in the meantime I’ll be slaving away with only one monitor. That’s right, my primary 19-inch flat panel is on the fritz, banishing me back to a single-monitor setup with a fuzzy 15-inch CRT and effectively cutting my desktop real estate in half. NOTE TO SELF: NEVER buy an off-brand monitor.

Anyway, you can expect to hear about the PREMIERE in a few weeks and a couple weeks after that the DVD will be available online. And I am SOOOOO ready to be done with this thing. I’ve been working on it for more than a year now and I’M SICK OF IT!!!

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